2016 Scripts


The Mend 
Thriller: A brilliant but odd boy risks everything to save two friends caught in the grip of a deceptive and deadly  mega-cult, but will he rescue his friends by destroying his only living family member, the cult's sadistic founder?

Baba Yaga
Fantasy: A cannibal witch in a chicken-legged hut holds a young girl as a slave, but she finds a power of her own in her mother's deathbed gift of a magic doll in this retelling of two Russian Fairy Tales.


Funeral Film
Comedy: After a disappointing funeral, four young men set out to capture footage for their own funerals and define their lives in the process.


Blue Scout- Based on a True Story
Drama Thriller: Five beautiful, accomplished women destroy all evidence of their lives and change their appearance to become lovers of mystic writer Carlos Castaneda. All five disappeared two days after his death in 1998.  The whereabouts of four of the women remain  unknown.

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